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Madden 20 Cover 4 Beaters

Madden 20 Cover 4 Beaters

Cover 4 Quarters and Cover 4 Palms are quickly becoming the bum defense meta on Madden 20. Unfortunately, against many of the things we actually want to run on offense, both defenses when ran correctly can be troublesome. In this article we are going to take a look at how to throw

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Madden 20 Tight Doubles Bomb

Madden 20 Tight Doubles Bomb

One of our last free tips was a way to bomb cover 3 defenses from the Ace Slot formation. This time we take a look at how to do it from the Gun Tight Doubles formation. This is the formation that you will see run most times on stream and in videos from YaBoySavage. In the video

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Madden 20 Deep Zone Glitch

Madden 20 Deep Zone Glitch

You would think over the years that EA would have put some type of effort into making cover 3 useable. Unfortunately they have not and you can still bomb cover 3 defenses in one play in much the same fashion as previous years. As if that wasn't enough...

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Savage Scheme Reviews

Here is a small sampling of the overwhelming support I have received from the community. I truly appreciate each and every one of the #SavageSquad! Thank you so much for your support.

“Thanks for the offense Savage, only a week into learning it and I already won over $200 playing money games.”



“This NE offense has me on auto pilot. The reads are SO easy. You should have kept this scheme for the next club tournament.”



“I am absolutely screaming at people Sav. This defense is too much for most people with the proper adjustments. Thanks bro.”



“I am not a MUT guy, but your schemes are working perfect in my CFM leagues. #SuperbowlBound Baby! Thanks Sav.”



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