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Another Corner Offense

Only $12.95
In this mini-scheme you will learn the Madden 20 Split Close, both with & without route abilities.

Whats In The Guide?

Quick Game Passing

You will learn how to incorporate the quick passing game to frustrate your opponent into giving you deep routes.

Deep Passing Attack

Score in bunches by learning several deep passing concepts to score in one play and to attack the deep sidelines.

Route Abilities

Learn how to maximize the scheme using route abilities at the WR or QB positions, as well as without them.

Consistent Run Scheme

No scheme is complete without a solid run game. This formation contains one of the most dominant runs in Madden.

Add-On Offense

This guide purchase will also give you access to a very tote heavy scheme as an add-on with a few coverage glitches.

HD Video Tutorials

Every play is broken down not only in written setup, but also with crisp HD video tutorials.