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Everyone loves to get pressure on the Quarterback. This blitz will have you doing just that. Start Madden 19 off right by piling up the sack total in your games running the best blitz in Madden 19. This pressure is from the 3-4 Odd formation which is found in about half of the defensive playbooks in Madden 19.

As with most good blitzes however, the coverage can be a bit tough to adjust from because of the show blitz look. The seams are especially vulnerable, and many times your corners and safeties won’t be able to recover to the deep sideline. So you will need to make adjustments or manually move people, which is not really shown in the video. If you choose to run a cover 3 defense you will want to slide your corners back a few yards, and if you are running a cover 2 defense you will need to slide your safeties back and outside a few yards.


The best thing about this blitz is that it is universal. That means that you can run it from whatever coverage shell you choose to, and create the pressure from literally any play in the formation. To take it a step further on what makes this the best blitz in Madden 19, you can send it from either side of the screen as long as the pressure is coming from the opposite side of the runningback, he will rarely pick it up.

The basic things you need to get this pressure in are the outside and inside linebacker on the same side blitzing, and to use the adjustments show blitz, and spread linebackers. You will also need your three down lineman rushing the QB, although it will occasionally still come in when dropping the backside defensive end into coverage. The adjustments are as follows;

  • Base Align
  • Show Blitz
  • Spread Linebackers
  • Crash DL Down
  • Make Sure the OLB and ILB on the Same Side are Blitzing
  • QB Contain
  • Hover With Linebacker in Gap (See Video)

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