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Not looking to spend your life savings on a Madden 19 Ultimate Team? Not many people are honestly. The good news is, this is your year. Building a budget MUT team has never been easier than it is on Madden 19. In this article I will take you through the steps to building a very useable team on a budget. If you want to see the methods in action, make sure to watch the video.

The first step to a great budget team on MUT is to play your solos. By playing through the solos you get an insane amount of NAT cards, the opportunity to buy more for a very small amount of Madden points, and a few hundred thousand coins with the chance to make even more through quick sells or great pack pulls. Solos are a boring part of Ultimate Team, I get it. If you are serious about not emptying your wallet however, they are an essential part of building your team.

The next step would be to use those players that you get through the solos in combination with the 68 overall power up versions of those players. Combining the players and spending a few hundred training points on powering them up will give you a player that is on par with some of the best players available in the game at a fraction of the price.

To do this effectively it is important to know who has power up cards, as well as knowing what cards are available along the way as level rewards. You can also use this method with the power up legends that you receive from solos as well, but it is important to keep in mind that powering up a legend costs a significantly greater amount of training points.

The final thing that will help you out is having a plan to use your power up passes that you receive throughout the levels. Want to power up a certain player but his 86-87 costs a ton? Like the Jalen Ramsey base elite but don’t have 500k to spend on one player? This is a great place to use the power up pass, and if you change your mind on that player later, don’t worry you can tier that player back down and still get your power up pass back to use on someone else.

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