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Going deep is one of the most fun things to do on Madden 19. In today’s tip you learn a mini-scheme from the Gun Bunch formation that has a strong deep focus. Gun Bunch has always been one of the most popular formations on Madden. This year some people feel that it took a bit of a nerf, and maybe it did to a certain degree. Gun Bunch is still very useable at a high level however.

One of the best things about Gun Bunch is the pass protection that you can get when needed by max protecting. Due to the RB being on the opposite side of the TE it creates the best protection possible. In this scheme you will learn how to go deep from a variety of plays in the New England Patriots playbook.

The first play I want to go over is Pats Sail. This play gives a great post route to use as a deep crosser, as well as an unbumpable vertical in the seam that can absolutely torch guys that run any type of heavy man blitz without safety help. If we just add one simple hot route to this play it becomes an absolute nightmare to deal with for your opponent. Here are the adjustments;

  • Block Your RB
  • Slant the Right Outside WR
  • Motion the Right Outside WR to the Right

The next play in Gun Bunch that I want to go over is Pats Curl Flat. This play attacks that same deep soft spot on the field but does so from the bunch side of the formation with a very unique corner route. This play is much easier to run towards the wide side of the field, and can be confusing for your opponent you is trying to pick up the post from Pats Sail manually. Here are the adjustments;

  • Fade the Right Outside WR
  • Drag the Left WR

The last play in Gun Bunch that I want to go over is 518 Hook. The nice route on this play is the unbumpable post route on the bunch side of the field. This route does a great job of getting underneath a middle third on a cover 3 defense. You still need a secondary read with a check down however, so here are the adjustments;

  • Drag the Right Inside WR
  • Fade the Middle Right WR
  • Motion the Right Outside WR Right

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