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Cover 4 Quarters and Cover 4 Palms are quickly becoming the bum defense meta on Madden 20. Unfortunately, against many of the things we actually want to run on offense, both defenses when ran correctly can be troublesome. In this article we are going to take a look at how to throw a touchdown in one play against Cover 4 Palms, as well as how to gouge Cover 4 Quarters for big yards.

The two formations we will be using are going to be Gun Trips TE and Gun Bunch. Bunch works very well against Quarters, however there might not be a route combination that gets open against Palms when ran correctly. So using Bunch when needed is appropriate and moving to Trips TE when playing against someone with a tendency to run Palms will keep us in the best position to succeed.

Gun Trips TE: PA Shot Wheel

This play is great against Cover 4 Palms. Max sure to follow the directions well however, as every aspect of the setup plays into manipulating the match coverage.

  • Curl The TE
  • Drag the Middle Left WR
  • Place RB on a Wheel (Optional)
  • Motion Middle Left WR to Right of Formation


Gun Bunch: Verticals

This play works well against Cover 4 Quarters and results in the WR not being matched.

  • Max Protect
  • Streak the TE
  • Place Left WR on an In Route

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