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There have been a few changes to the routes that you are able to use on Madden 20. One of the biggest, and probably most used, routes that changed was the fade route. The fade route has played an enormous part in most offensive schemes on Madden for as long as most of us can remember. Not only has it been a target in years with face catching and swerving, but it also serves as a clear out route for many passing concepts to push the zones back.

This year as usual people have begun using the route as a clear out for sail concepts. There is a small problem with that this year however, based on the mechanics of the route. You see the old fade from previous years is a more accurate representation of the route itself, but unfortunately could never mimic the correct release from the line of scrimmage. This year the outside release that the route is supposed to get is achieved but it seems to lack a bit on the fade part as there is no bend in the route towards the sideline other than the initial release. You can easily create spacing problems within your offense by using the fade route when a streak would have been better, and you can take some of the pop out of your offense using a streak when a fade would have been better. This article and video will hopefully show you some of the differences and help you understand when to use which route.


Fades are a great route to target as part of your offense. For whatever reason this year a motioned fade does some things that make us smile (check out the Blackjack Offensive Guide). So when using the route to create a problem for your opponent, and wanting to actually throw it, the fade can be very helpful. 

The fade also plays a huge roll in the coverage bomb plays that take advantage of match coverages. The delay that they take at the line of scrimmage to get the outside release allows the deep zones to pay attention to the outside breaking routes faster which in turn opens up the outside lead on the fade from compressed sets.


Streaks don’t bother wasting time getting an outside release. They just head straight upfield as quickly as they can. This makes the streaks an ideal route to attach the seams and clear space deep for an outside breaking corner. When talking about seam streaks you just want to pay attention to whether or not they get pressed. If they get pressed they will most likely not be open, but with no press you can inside lead and user catch a streak in the seam 99% of the time behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties.

When using streaks to clear space they are better simply because they get upfield much faster. This allows them to reach the deep defenders first and push them back, and then that allows more space underneath to sneak a route in.

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