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You would think over the years that EA would have put some type of effort into making cover 3 useable. Unfortunately they have not and you can still bomb cover 3 defenses in one play in much the same fashion as previous years. As if that wasn’t enough however, they have now implemented route abilities that allow you to place a one play touchdown route combination on any play that you want.

Those of you guys playing MUT don’t have a QB with the hot route master ability yet, but once you do……oh boy. Not an embellishment at all, you can place the routes needed to make cover 3 unplayable on any play you want. This makes it that much more of a headache to play against because the underneath routes can then be anything you want.

In this video we are going to look at a very simple one play touchdown setup from the Spread Playbook and the formation Gun Ace Slot Offset. This setup can be ran from any hash mark because of the routes we are putting on the field, depending on hash mark you can subtract certain routes to get the same result. All of that is covered in the mini-guide for the Spread Playbook located in the Offensive Guru section of the site.

Gun Ace Slot Offset: Posts

This setup does not require a route ability or for you to be on a specific hash mark on the field. You can feel free to set this play up wherever you like and proceed to score touchdowns. To counter this your opponent will have to do one of a few things, the first being leave cover 3. If he really likes cover 3 however, he might decide to protect the sticks or place deeps halves on the field instead of deep thirds. Both of those options will open up your corner route unless he user defends that option. Here is the setup we will be using; 

  • Streak Left TE
  • Drag Left Slot WR
  • Block RB


If you like this quick, easy tip, please make sure to check out the entire mini-scheme which is now available in the Offensive Guru section of the website. Simply click HERE.