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Last year, for those that recall, this website released the scheme that broke the game in the early going with the Gun Split Close Pats scheme. This year for Madden 20 we are back at it again, but this time from the more traditional Split Close to utilize one of the most over powered runs in the game, FB Inside. 

The passing from this Split Close may not quite be what the Patriots version gives us, but when coupled with the threat of a legitimate run that can be broken on any given snap, the overall quality of the scheme is probably better than last year’s. Our passing concepts are going to remain simple and effective as well however, we are just missing some of the cute coverage bombs that the other formation offers. Please watch the video and enjoy, the adjustments will also be here for those that need them. 

Gun Split Close (Denver, Tampa Bay, San Francisco)

This formation gives us a three wide receiver and two running back personnel grouping. This allows us to have the absolute most speed we can on the field at any moment by not using our TE. Below you will learn the passing concepts that will go with the glitchy run play afforded to us in this set. Here are the plays and setups we will be using, please make sure to watch the video to gain a full understanding of the scheme;

WR Corner

  • Place Left RB on Out Route

  • Slant Right WR

  • Motion Right WR a Few Steps to the Right


FB Inside/HB Power O

  • Use Similar Motion to Mask Runs


HB Wheel

  • Various Adjustments, Please See Video


PA F Slide

  • Block the Left RB

  • Place the Left WR on a Slant Route

  • Fade the Right Outside WR


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