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One of our last free tips was a way to bomb cover 3 defenses from the Ace Slot formation. This time we take a look at how to do it from the Gun Tight Doubles formation. This is the formation that you will see run most times on stream and in videos from YaBoySavage. In the video he will break down how to get in the end zone against unsuspecting opponents.

The Gun Tight Doubles formation can be found in quite a few books this year, the best two variations are probably the Raiders and the Steelers playbooks. The differences are Zig Under being only in Raiders (along with a few other plays) and then Cross Wheel and Slot Fade Shot only being found in Pittsburgh. 

In this video you will learn a few setups from Zig Under and a few of them require the use of the Slot Apprentice or Hot Route Master. If you do not have access to those abilities on your team, you can achieve the same results from the play TE Curl. The only difference will be that the Corner route is not quite as efficient against zone as the one that is used with the ability.

Gun Tight Doubles: Zig Under

This play is the most versatile play in the formation and the base play for our Blackjack Offensive Guide. Here is the base setup we will be using; 

  • Max Protect
  • Flat Left Outside WR
  • Streak TE
  • Slant Right WR


Here is the setup for the Cover 3 Bomb;

  • Max Protect
  • Place Left Outside WR on a Corner
  • Place Left Slot WR on a Streak
  • Adjust Right Side as Needed (See Video)

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