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Are you finding it difficult to win solo battles on Madden 19? If so, this tip is for you. Now before we get into it, I think it is important to stress that there are ways to score more points than this, but this is a very effective method to guarantee you the minimum score for beating the computer on the “ultimate” difficulty which gives you a base score of over 21,000 points on each game. That is enough points to ensure that you get Ultimate level rewards at the very minimum.

On offense you are going to want to find a trips set with a sail concept on the right side. If you don’t already know a sail concept sends one receiver to the flat and one receiver over him to the corner. Some popular plays for this include Levels Sail and X Under. The only read you need to make is the outside flat zone. If it drifts back throw to the table route, if it stays down low, throw the corner right on the break. Finally if you are unsure you can check down to one of the players coming back across the field on an in route or a drag.

Defensively you can sit in a Tampa 2, and while the computer will make throws and gain yards, they often will put themselves in a position to punt on 4th and short. Another method would be to run mid-blitz. But that method will require you to do much more with your user as you will be responsible for the runningback on every snap.

If you want to take your points to the next level and start pushing for top 100 rewards you will need to do the following things;

  • Win 50-0
  • Throw for 400 yards
  • Run for 200 yards
  • Make user plays

Those things will not guarantee you top 100 however, as many people are already doing them and the top 100 is generally separated by a very small amount of points. So if you want to finish solo battles stress free on Madden 19, just follow the instructions above and watch the video.

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