X-Factor Defense

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In this guide you will learn coverage shells and blitzes to lock up your opponent on Madden 20!

Whats In The Guide?

Coverage Overviews

You will learn how to setup coverage shells from three formations that will create confusion for your opponent.

Blitz Overviews

You will learn the setups and schemes to be able to blitz your opponents from three distinct formations.

Film Rooms

See each aspect of this guide play out on the field against an actual opponent to gain a true understanding of the material.

Run Defense

Many of the coverage schemes in this guide also double as very effective run defense on Madden 20.

3 Man Heat

This guide contains three man pressure through both X-Factor (in the guide) and setup (free video above).

HD Video Tutorials

Every concept is broken down with crisp HD video tutorials that go in depth with explanation.